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What is the value of private label jewelry?

March 26, 2022

Latest company news about What is the value of private label jewelry?

What is the value of private label jewelry? As long as no intellectual property is involved, this high-quality, low-cost, cost-effective jewelry has its own value. Needless to say, the price advantage may be 1/3~1/5 of the price of similar brands. The material is better and the craftsmanship is not bad, which is almost the same as the famous brand products. Also, first and foremost is its artistic beauty. The popularity of these styles shows that their artistic beauty is recognized by consumers and even led by celebrities. Of course, this similar style is sometimes created by design masters and has the artistic beauty of its designs. Secondly, in addition to the lack of brand symbols, the style of jewelry itself also carries emotional stories or cultural connotations. Taking the popular crown jewelry styles on the market in recent years as an example, Chaumet Paris International designed the "crown" series of jewelry based on the coronation of Queen Napoleon Josephine, bringing people a noble and artistic story, because Josephine Queen Finn is a picky person with a strong artistic appreciation and will inevitably have high requirements for the design of the crown. Napoleon was the gallant French Emperor, and the coronation of his beloved queen was naturally as great as possible, making the crown luxurious and beautiful. This extravagant beauty and the nobility of Queen Josephine also infuse this jewelry. Inspired by this concept, many jewelers have introduced similar models with crowns. Josephine's crown has no intellectual property issues. The artistic shape of the crown is recognized by people. This crown design ring is not only beautiful, but also expands the symmetrical shape of the traditional ring, expands the performance space of the ring, and complements the gemstone. Once this type of style is launched, it will be highly sought after by the market, and many private customizations are also designed based on this concept.

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Also, shapes are emotional. For example, a star is wearing a "sugar tower" shape with colored gemstones. The shape of the "sugar tower" comes from the innovative style design of the gem cutter. The inspiration for the creation comes from the famous "Pao de Azu" (Chinese "Bread Mountain") in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is an ordinary gemstone with a rounded top and a ring on all sides. Gem dealers are called "Sugarloaf" (bread). Plain gemstones are low-grade gemstones with impurities and low transparency (as opposed to faceted gemstones), but this "sugar tower" (bread-shaped) shape is very popular in the market. In addition to the warm sheen and beautiful colors it exhibits, its shape derives from nature's ghostly mountain of craftsmanship, a majestic sight full of people. The "sugar tower" (bread mountain) shape of colored gemstones carries cultural connotations and loves. This style is not the patent of that person. Private ordering of jewelry made in this style actually borrows from popular fashion and is favored by consumers. Emotional art is easily recognized by consumers for its beauty.

Innovation processes are also attractive. Some big-name styles may feature innovative craftsmanship and are also a place to learn and improve your personal custom jewelry references. For example, some well-known brands have introduced micro-set jewelry, and bespoke can enhance their craftsmanship and make it more refined.

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Personalization is a special service offered to someone, a service tailored to a specific person. According to the characteristics of the customer, the skin color, hand shape, wearing method, occasion, clothing color matching, personal preference, etc. are tailored, and the style and wearing comfort are more suitable for individuals. Commercial activities such as personalised jewellery and apparel are high-end global business models and have their current value.

An example similar to brand value is the issue of natural versus synthetic diamonds. Even if the quality is the same, there is no difference in appearance, and the price of synthetic diamonds is much lower than that of natural diamonds, which is caused by people's cultural perception. "Nature" is a cultural emotion that people appreciate. It can be understood as a brand. The high price of a natural diamond is a premium over the "natural" brand and has nothing to do with the beauty of the jewelry. This is the same as branded items. is a professional jewelry factory with more than 10 years experience. We can make any gold and diamond jewelry designs according to your requirements. We offer any David Webb jewelry custom made in Genuine Solid 18k Yellow Gold and Genuine Diamonds Guarantee. Top craftsmanship and factory direct sales. If you are interested in those Cartier fine jewellery, please email us: Whatsapp +852 9360 8185 Luxury Jewellery Factory Pricing.

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