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How to Design Your Own 18K Gold Diamond Jewelry

February 17, 2022

Latest company news about How to Design Your Own 18K Gold Diamond Jewelry

Maybe you want some original jewelry designs but you don't know where to start? Tell me your idea and leave the design to us. We'll help you discover jewelry styles that appeal to you. Our designers will work with you to browse our extensive collection of designer jewelry to help you discover the design elements you love. Once our designers help you discover the possibilities, we'll design an original piece of jewelry that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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First, it's important to understand what type of custom design you're looking for:
create new

If you are creative and have your own designs or see a style that inspires you, we can help you incorporate your ideas into precious metals and gemstones. Our designers can work with you to research logistics, feasibility, durability and affordability. This is a very rewarding process to create original fine jewelry of your own design. The best part is that your concept will be executed by some of the best jewelers anywhere.
modify existing

Custom designs usually come from existing jewelry. Many times, customers will see a piece of jewelry they like, but they prefer a gemstone in a different shape, size, or color. Often, our customers want existing products to be thinner, longer, taller, or prefer a different texture or pattern. We are often faced with finding ways to make similar jewelry at a budget-friendly price. No problem, we are jewelry designers! We make it just the way you want it for you!

You might even have found the perfect design, with the exception of its finishes. Simply changing the gemstone type or using a different precious metal may be enough to suit your personal taste.
Copy Jewelry

Many of our clients have reproduced heirlooms. In some cases, additional jewelry is made for another family member. Then there's a favorite piece of jewelry that's lost or worn out and needs to be replaced. Our team of designers can redesign or reproduce most jewelry items for you, as long as there is no trademark or patent infringement on the reproduced item.

In other cases, you may want to restore the original jewelry if the heirloom gemstone or material has sentimental value. If so, you might prefer to check this item for a fix. A knowledgeable jeweler will examine the safest restoration method, faithful to the original material and design, while ensuring a safe fit.

In 18k Gold Jewelry, we take the fear out of custom-designed jewelry. There is no need to worry. Our designers will work with you to help you confidently choose your favorite jewelry elements. It is our responsibility to ensure that your needs are identified before executing a project for you. We are so confident in the custom jewelry design process that we make all custom jewelry once approved. There is no obligation to purchase any design we create until you are completely satisfied.


Finally, contact us boldly, we will realize your jewelry dream


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