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Harry Winsotn's new season of high jewelry series "Kaleidoscope" theme jewelry

December 11, 2020

Latest company news about Harry Winsotn's new season of high jewelry series "Kaleidoscope" theme jewelry

Harry Winsotn just launched a new season of high-end jewelry series-"Winston Kaleidoscope", the design is inspired by the "Kaleidoscope" theme jewelry launched in the 1990s. The new work uses nearly 20 kinds of colored gemstones to spread out symmetrical radial patterns, like colorful patterns in a kaleidoscope, with bright and gorgeous colors.

In 1990, Harry Winston launched a series of limited edition Kaleidoscope kaleidoscope pendants. The exquisite barrel was shaped out of gold. The top lens cap is embedded with a carved semi-precious stone, which can be gently unscrewed. You can enjoy the colorful colors from the lens. pattern.

The new work is composed of 32 unique pendants. The center of the pendant is inlaid with a striking colorful gemstone, such as 14.90ct tanzanite, 2.90ct Tanzania red spinel, 2.27ct pink tourmaline, etc.; the outer ring is alternately arranged The colorful gems and diamonds of different colors present symmetrical patterns such as snowflakes, crosses, and spokes, which have excellent visual impact.

In order to create a rich layering, the designer uses a variety of gem cuts, such as drop shape, marquise shape, and long ladder shape to emphasize the radial pattern. The most special is a sugar loaf mountain cut tanzanite, the three-dimensional gemstone edge surface and the symmetrical color treasure pattern naturally connect. The prongs between these gems are almost invisible, reminiscent of the visual effect of flakes falling freely in a kaleidoscope.

You can also see 11 timepieces in the "Winston Kaleidoscope" series-5 of which are high-end jewellery watches. The outer ring of the case is inlaid with colored gemstones, presenting chic flowers and swirls; there are also 6 Premier The watch incorporates a kaleidoscope pattern in the dial, showing colorful colors through mother-of-pearl and painting techniques.

latest company news about Harry Winsotn's new season of high jewelry series "Kaleidoscope" theme jewelry  0

Winston Kaleidoscope platinum pendant necklace, by Harry Winston

The main stone is a cambered turquoise, embellished with spessartine, pink tourmaline, yellow sapphires, turquoise and diamonds.

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