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Buying wholesle jewelry for resale? 4 things you should know

January 27, 2022

Latest company news about Buying wholesle jewelry for resale? 4 things you should know

Looking for wholesale jewelry? Or are you buying wholesale costume jewelry for resale? 4 things you need to know when you place a wholesale order.

1. Why is it a good idea to buy jewelry wholesale for resale?

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One. You get a piece of the million dollar industry

According to Edahn Golan Diamond and Research, the beauty industry is about $500 billion, and the jewelry industry was $68.6 million in 2018. You might think sales would be much higher, but the reality is that budding entrepreneurs can use their creativity when assembling new and trending jewelry collections. This room for expansion makes resale possible.

B. You can show your creative vision]

latest company news about Buying wholesle jewelry for resale? 4 things you should know  1

Buying wholesale jewelry for resale isn't just about making a profit, it's about bringing new jewelry to the market. You are giving people more freedom to express themselves through jewelry accessories. There is a lot of space in China and other countries where you can find hidden gems of all possible metals and gems for jewelry. The more unique pieces you find, the more likely you are to gain a large client base. Who doesn't want to feel like they're kicking off the next wave of the most popular jewelry in the market by resale?

C. Wholesale can mean neat profit margins

The idea of getting decent returns from low wholesale merchandise is attractive. However, you should do the math before taking the chance. The purchase should include shipping costs, storage, wages, suppliers, etc. and everyone involved in shipping the jewelry from the wholesaler to the customer. If you can do it all and make a profit, it's all the more reason to get involved.

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2. Where to buy wholesale jewelry or where to make jewelry?

There are many favorite places to buy wholesale jewelry for resale, and you can freely roam bazaars and catalogs to find them. However, there is one company that has shown its Shenzhen Jewelry factory and they are currently the top internet fashion manufacturer and wholesaler. They are located in Shenzhen, China and have been around since 2012.

They have really made a name for themselves for their unique high-quality designs, selling at competitive prices and being able to succeed in their respective target markets. Shenzhen Jewelry factory is also huge and popular as they cater to different clients. Whether you're looking for high-end elegant jewelry or a cheap alternative to custom, there's something for everyone on their site. They do offer the latest designs on the market, but still stick to the classics you can buy wholesale, but with a strong retail appeal.

The reason we recommend them is that they have many satisfied customers, which reflects their mission. Shenzhen Jewelry factory provides high-quality fashion jewelry as well as promotional products at prices that help businesses grow, sprout and build. Their main product is 18k gold, 10k 14k diamond jewelry manufacturer. If you are located in the US or Europe, you can consider your preferred website.

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3. How to Promote Your Jewelry Online

You've found the right person to buy wholesale jewelry for resale. What will happen next? You have to use multiple paths, each with a different effort. The first place people tend to be online are social media platforms. Until then, you want to have a high-quality and professionally finished ecommerce-friendly website where people can make purchases quickly and safely, and expect their packages to be completed within days or even hours.

On Facebook, you can take many routes. The obvious one is to create a page that also includes a shop tab for the prospect. Natural likes take a long time to get you the exposure you need, so you will have to promote a page or a specific post. An example of a post you can promote is that you are launching new jewelry or showcasing a seasonal collection that you own. You can do the same on Facebook Stories. Sharing customer reviews on pages and stories is likewise a way to gain the traction you need. You can do the same with Instagram. Start with a small budget to gauge what the sweet spot is.

You can also join a platform that contains a list of jewelry providers; this could be an actual website or Facebook group. Choose to connect with established platforms and join groups of like-minded individuals.

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4. Mistakes they should avoid

People are looking into the mistakes people tend to make when buying wholesale jewelry for resale, and we want to help you overcome the pitfalls. At this point, you may be excited because you are on your way to making thousands or millions of dollars, but we want to give you an idea of the realities of entrepreneurship. Don't start one just because you like certain pieces of jewelry, you think everyone deserves a piece. Do your market research. Looking at local and international trends to see what's working, what's working and what's working, you have to get creative.

Next is doing the math wrong. You want to start small. You have to consider how the products you sell will pay for the square footage of the store, the shelf space you buy from the stores you're close to, shipping, storage, staff, and everyone in the chain from manufacturer to customer. Play with the numbers with a professional to avoid rude shocks when random pricing and you're not hitting the profit margins you envisioned.

By having a proper grasp of your target market, their tastes, wholesalers and manufacturers, inventory and pricing, you should be able to know where to ultimately buy wholesale jewelry for resale pieces.

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